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[10th March 2020]

Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak

As the coronavirus continues to spread worldwide we wanted to reassure our schools that access to your Discovery Education services will continue as normal. If your school is closed or a pupil needs to work from home for any reason, our services offer a wealth of flexible resources that can be adapted to many learning scenarios.

Pupil Home Access is available as part of your Discovery Education subscription. If you do not have this activated on your account please contact School Support.

Where are you based?

Schools in the UK & British Curriculum International schools

Schools in the United States

Schools in Canada

Other (Non-British Curriculum)

FREE: Social Distance Training app

Help children understand what safe social distancing looks like, using AR.

If it is unavoidable to stay at home, experts recommend you should maintain a distance of 2 metres from other people. This can help reduce the chance of transmission of the virus and keep you and others safe.

  • Teachers: use to assist classroom discussions around the importance of social distancing
  • Pupils: experience what safe social distancing looks like with a holographic person

Our augmented reality app includes descriptions of social distancing and links to important sources of information and advice on COVID-19.

Download: App Store | Not currently available on Google Play (due to blanket restrictions)

Discovery Education Espresso

Pupils and teachers can access the entire Discovery Education Espresso service from home, providing an ideal scenario for pupils to continue their learning without drawing excessively on teacher time to prepare remote learning materials.

  • Access is through a password-protected area so teachers and parents can be confident that children are in a safe, secure environment.
  • Child-friendly videos are perfect for pupils to build background knowledge or use as part of a wider research project.
  • Videos and activities demonstrate mathematical concepts and procedures across the whole KS1 and KS2 maths curriculum, giving children and parents the support to carry on their maths work independently.
  • A treasure trove of inspirational material can be found for any creative or non-fiction writing task.
  • Printable worksheets provide many opportunities for investigations, writing prompts and arts and crafts projects that children can complete on their own.
  • Stay in the know with daily and weekly news bulletins including quizzes and discussion prompts to support parents.
  • Help children learn from home with our ready-made routes through Espresso content. Lessons include video, text and glossaries for learning, as well as art, design and creative writing challenges for children to apply and demonstrate what they know.
  • Participate in the KS2 Make Your World Bigger video quiz.

Need some ideas for using Espresso resources at home? We've selected our favourite resources from across the service and started a YouTube playlist for distance learning tips. Download home access templates for parents.

Make Your World Bigger (Espresso subscription required)

Now more than ever, we need to open up the world to children who are indoors due to school closures and extend their learning in lockdown. From exploring natural world wonders to discovering new technologies, our Make Your World Bigger video quiz will take children on an incredible journey across the globe!

Discovery Education Coding

Discovery Education Coding provides engaging step-by-step lesson plans, video tutorials and independent creative tasks to bring coding to life. Explanatory videos help make complex concepts simple and provide visual illustrations of what pupils need to achieve in each lesson. Student guides help children take control of their own learning and they can independently work through the lessons within a unit to eventually build their own apps and games in the Free code builder.

Discovery Education STEM Connect

Discovery Education STEM Connect provides a series of hands-on tasks and challenges that ask pupils to draw on their existing subject knowledge across disciplines from science, maths design and technology and apply it to some of the world’s most challenging problems. The hands-on challenges have been designed to be completed without any special equipment using common items that schools and families should be able to source easily. While designed to be a group exercise within a classroom context, the challenges can very easily be adapted to use in a home environment, with comprehensive support materials should parents need it.

FREE: Active Kids Do Better

Not getting out? Our Active Kids Do Better programme helps you keep your body moving wherever you are! Give yourself a brain boost with the Active Classroom routines or have the whole family join in with our Active Home games and activities. Active Kids Do Better is freely available and requires no special equipment or resources to get started.

FREE: Daily Challenge

Why not delve into Discovery Education Espresso's exciting daily challenges? These short five to ten-minute activities range from consolidation activities based around curriculum subjects to more creative activities like designing new products.

FREE: Worksheets

Ready to print or download, we've unlocked a collection of activity-based worksheets!

FREE: Stronger Than Hate Challenge (Secondary)

Looking for a project for your secondary age pupils to work on independently at home? The Stronger Than Hate Challenge invites students ages 13-18 to create a video, write a poem, song, or blog, or produce a painting or piece of artwork that demonstrates the chosen medium’s potential to create a community that is stronger than hate. Through the challenge pupils will learn about the origins of hate and hear how listening to and telling stories can make us more empathetic.

If your school has to close for a significant period of time, and your subscription comes up for renewal during this time, please contact our Customer Success team so we can ensure continued access during this period.

Should your school not subscribe to one of these Discovery Education services, please contact us to discuss how we can support your school during a period of extended closure.