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Supporting teachers and pupils to use technology

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Harbour Primary School has been using Discovery Education Espresso and Discovery Education Coding for nearly a decade. Teachers at the school have found that digital resources can engage and inspire children in every year group. Headteacher Christine Terrey and her colleagues share the impact Discovery Education is having at Harbour Primary School.

With over 500 pupils aged from 2-11, having access to high quality resources is vital for teachers at this large and thriving school. Christine Terrey wants her pupils to feel confident around technology from a very young age.

“Having a wide range of digital resources is absolutely essential for the children in this school. It will develop their competence and will be confident to use technology in the future. I want them to pick up a digital resource in the same way they pick up a pen or paintbrush and know they can make that resource work for them.”

Suitable for Foundation to Year 6 pupils, Discovery Education Espresso is packed full of great resources, helping teachers to integrate digital content into every lesson.

“We’ve have been working with Discovery Education Espresso for a number of years. It’s used in all areas of the curriculum, because there are so many valuable and rich resources.”

From videos and interactive games to online and offline resources and activities, Espresso is closely mapped to the National Curriculum. Year 5 Class Teacher Matthew Wright says that it’s easy to find content to use in each lesson.

“Discovery Education Espresso contains a lot of lesson ideas. If there is a particular topic you are covering, Espresso is a very good place to start. There are resources which act as a stimulus at the start of the lesson or whole activities, ideas and sequences that you can follow.”

Matthew’s pupils enjoy using digital resources as part of their lessons. Here’s what they have to say:

“Sometimes when we learn we just have to look things up in books. But in some lessons, we can use computers and tablets. It’s better when we have technology because it’s easier and more fun.”

“It makes me feel like I’ve achieved something new.”

Discovery Education is committed to giving educators innovative ways to design and deliver engaging learning experiences for all pupils.

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Discovery Education also offers complete teaching support –both online and through in-person events. Christine Terrey finds this back-up invaluable.

“The great thing about Discovery Education is not just that it gives us a product to use, it’s all around the support that it provides for teachers. There is help to use the resources as well.”

Discovery Education teachers join a global community, a network which offers inspiration and ideas. Harbour Class Teacher Lisa Marshall enjoys being part of this.

“I’m really excited about the Discovery Education community in the UK because there are so many good teachers out there. You can learn so much from them and gain inspiration from their creativity and their insights.”

Her colleague Matthew Wright joined a very special community gathering –the Discovery Education Summer Institute (DENSI) in the United States. This annual professional development event connects teachers from around the world to share ideas and digital strategies.

“I was lucky enough to be invited to Washington DC as part of the Discovery Education Summer Institute. Not only did I get to talk to lots of educators from other countries, I learned a lot of ideas that I could bring back to our school here.”

Lisa Marshall also recently took part in a Discovery Education Coding Camp, an online event to help primary school teachers get to grips with basic programming.

“The Discovery Education Coding Camp helped me to find out a lot about coding. It was really inspiring and gave lots of teaching ideas which I’m planning to use in history, science and English lessons.”

Providing engaging resources to make every lesson memorable and teaching support that goes beyond the classroom, Headteacher Christine Terrey feels that Discovery Education are a perfect partner for Harbour Primary School.

“I believe that Discovery Education has the same high aspirations that we do. I know that they will support us to achieve the best that we possibly can in our school. For me they are a perfect match.”

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