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Discovery Education Coding

Take coding from concept to reality.
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Channel curiosity into code

With Discovery Education Coding, pupils will gain a thorough understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables - as well as developing computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning and problem-solving.

Coding made simple

With accompanying explanatory videos and over 100 lesson plans containing learning objectives, overviews, success criteria, vocabulary lists and key questions to ask pupils, Coding has everything you need to make complex concepts simple.

Scaffolded support

Each unit is broken down into bite-sized chunks, enabling pupils to master each skill before moving on. With built-in code validation and a ‘console’ area to help children identify their own mistakes, scaffolded learning supports all pupils’ in their quest for success!

Write your own code!

Let pupils' creative juices flow by coding from scratch with open-ended activities and our free code area, designed to stretch and challenge their newly acquired skills.

Motivational and rewarding challenges

Coding has something to inspire every pupil. With contexts from making space rockets fly, getting Red Riding Hood safely through the forest to feeding a grumbling, hungry monster, there’s a challenge to intrigue them all!

Hannah Tudor, Headteacher St. Mary of Charity CE Primary School, Kent

"Discovery Education Coding is a consistent resource and it works. As a leader, this is invaluable as there are no unexpected surprises. It’s a complete solution and very cost-effective. Our teachers rely upon it, why would we change it?"

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