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Stay well and focus on yourself with our exclusive wellbeing programme, an Advice Hub powered by experts at the NAHT, and a professional learning portfolio to keep a record of your professional and personal achievements.

Often we say ‘it’s all about the children’, but this programme is about YOU. Teaching is a privilege but it's also a challenge and you have to be in control all of the time. A little help goes a long way! Our unique Health & Wellbeing Programme is designed to help you to look after yourself. Our Advice Hub addresses concerns around policies, dates and deadlines, and our Professional Learning Portfolio enables you to hold onto – and remember – the positive feedback you regularly receive.

Health & Wellbeing Programme

Maintaining positive health and wellbeing should be a priority for teachers but it often isn’t; we focus on the children and we sometimes forget our own wellbeing is deteriorating as we seek to support those around us. But, we owe it to the children to ensure there is a motivated and happy adult in front of them every day. Written and presented by leading wellbeing experts, Professor Tim O’Brien and Dr Dennis Guiney, this unique programme will take you through the nature of wellbeing and how to stay healthy, motivated and reflective in your work.

Advice Hub

A constant source of anxiety for many teachers and leaders is how to find the right policy, the latest guidelines or accurate dates and deadlines for the submission of data. Staying organised and keeping abreast of the latest changes and requirements will help you to feel positive and in control. The Advice Hub will keep you up-to-date. Whether searching for topics or issues on your mind or looking for advice and solutions to commonly encountered problems, you are not alone.

Professional Learning Portfolio

The online portfolio offers a secure place to store evidence of your professional achievements and milestones along your career pathway. A place to record the positive moments, and there will be many, when you have had a positive impact on your colleagues and the lives of your students and their families. As teachers and education leaders, you are creating a legacy and we think that is worth reflecting on and remembering.

Supporting career progression and teacher wellbeing

Pathway is structured around three core stages which together form a virtuous cycle of continuous empowerment throughout a teacher’s professional journey.