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Racing Extinction

Watch with the world on 2nd December at 9PM

On Wednesday 2nd December 2015 Discovery UK will broadcast this ground-breaking film from Academy Award-winning director, Louie Psihoyos. Racing Extinction exposes the causes and consequences of our planet’s increasing loss of biodiversity and provides inspiration, solutions, and hope for a more sustainable future.

Discovery Education is proud to provide exclusive teaching resources to incorporate this gripping film into your classroom. We hope they will spur conversation and inspire student engagement with the important topic of biodiversity.


Lesson activities

Teachers can access dynamic, interactive classroom lessons designed to engage students on the importance of biodiversity on our planet. Each teacher guide features contextualised activities supported by exclusive video clips from Racing Extinction, bringing the excitement of the film directly into the classroom.

Modern extinction: The sixth extinction

Analyse the characteristics of past mass extinctions and discuss how human activities can contribute to modern day species extinctions.

Sustainability of our food chain

Uncover the relationship between dietary choices and extinction, and see how different types of food production impact biodiversity on our planet.

The case for climate change

What is the evidence for climate change and global warming? Students will analyse both historical and contemporary scientific data.

Preventing extinction

Evaluate approaches to raising awareness about endangered species and develop solutions that change behaviours in order to reduce potential impacts on our ecosystems.

Video gallery

Incorporate this gripping film into your classroom instruction to inspire your students to tackle one of the most critical challenges facing their generation and ground them in the science behind these topics.

Use the exclusive Virtual Reality clips from Racing Extinction in class. Give your students a unique up-close and personal 360 degree look at the action!


Racing Extinction: #StartWith1Thing virtual field trip

Recorded at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC, this special programme takes students on an inspirational journey to explore the science behind the anthropogenic mass extinction, learn the importance of addressing biodiversity loss, and meet some unforgettable scientists and everyday people who are addressing the causes of extinctions and transforming communities along the way.

Accompanying classroom activities are also available to take the experience further.

Meet the panelists

Dr. Stuart Pimm
Doris Duke Chair of Conservation at Duke University

World leader in the study of present day extinctions and founder of the nonprofit Saving Species, Dr. Pimm will spotlight the successful reforestation efforts in coastal Brazil to save the Golden Lion Tamarin.

Shawn Heinrichs
Marine Conservationist and Emmy Award-Winning Cinematographer

Shawn will discuss the impact of hunting animals to extinction in our oceans and share how one community's amazing transformation helped to save an entire population of whale sharks.

Boris Marchegiani
PhD, Vice President, ASOMACAO, A National Association for the Friends of the Scarlet Macaw

Boris will transport students to Costa Rica to go behind-the-scenes of a program to reintroduce Scarlet Macaws while transforming the local community in the process.

Carter and Olivia Ries
Co-founders of OMG

Dedicated to preserving wildlife for One More Generation and beyond, Carter and Olivia will underscore the power everyone has - especially students - to make a difference.

#StartWith1Thing to make the world a better place.

It's not hard. It's not too late. But we ALL need to do it. And we need to do it now.

Racing Extinction: Watch with the world on 2nd Dec. 9PM on SKY 520, VIRGIN 250, BT TV 322 & TALKTALK 322
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