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Home Webinar: Blended Learning Solutions – Maintaining the Continuity of Learning


25 Aug 2022


9:30 AM - 10:30 AM

Webinar: Blended Learning Solutions – Maintaining the Continuity of Learning

This lively and engaging interactive session focuses on how digital tools and key pedagogical strategies can ensure teachers are able to respond to learning needs in flexible and responsive ways, in order to maintain ‘Continuity of Learning.’ We will explore the use of technology to support and develop 21st Century learning skills, in and out of the classroom. A range of hybrid learning methods will be considered and exemplified including, blended, flipped, synchronous and asynchronous models. Concepts and practices will be modelled and shared in immersive ways and will be reinforced by exploring research-based models for evaluating their choice and impact.

Five key things attendees will learn:

  • The ‘Why’ of digital learning to support communication with stakeholders
  • How digital can drive the acquisition of key learning skills such as the 4Cs
  • Flexible and responsive ways to support continuity of learning
  • How to use and combine a range of hybrid teaching models
  • To understand well recognised, research-based models that can be used to evaluate the value and impact of different digital resources and techniques

Can’t make this time? The recording will be sent to all registrants shortly after the session.

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