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Coding Week 2023: Discovery Education Launches Challenge for UK Primary Schools

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Coding Week 2023: Discovery Education Launches Challenge for UK Primary Schools

As UK Coding Week begins, worldwide EdTech leader Discovery Education has launched a nationwide challenge to inspire the next generation of tech-savvy programmers.

Discovery Education’s Top Coder 2023 invites primary school children across the UK to showcase their coding talents by creating their own animations.

Using the award-winning Discovery Education Coding service, children can design apps and games on the theme of their choice and compete for the chance to win exciting prizes. Schools are invited to submit 2-3 pupil entries into the challenge, and there will be one KS1 and one KS2 national winner.

With lots of concepts to explore, Discovery Education Coding helps children to master computer programming in a fun and accessible way, giving them the freedom to create apps and games using their imagination. From exploring outer space and the mysteries of Ancient Egypt, to deep-sea diving and racing car driving, pupils can enjoy coding while gaining a deep understanding of concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables.

Discovery Education’s Top Coder 2023 is open to all UK primary schools, and teachers are encouraged to sign up at :

Teachers have until Monday 2nd October 2023 to submit entries and schools that don’t already subscribe to Discovery Education Coding can access a free trial while the competition is open.

Howard Lewis, Discovery Education’s UK and International Managing Director, said:

“We’re excited to launch Discovery Education’s Top Coder 2023 and invite primary schools across the UK to get involved. Today’s students will do jobs that we can only imagine, so it’s important that we equip them with future-ready skills. The challenge will help teachers to build children’s confidence in coding and encourage a love of programming from an early age.”

Discovery Education is the worldwide EdTech leader whose state-of-the-art digital platform supports learning wherever it takes place. Explore Discovery Education’s award-winning digital learning services at

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