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[12th November 2019]

COBIS student competition

We’re inviting all COBIS schools, with children aged 5-12, to compete with their peers around the world to create their own app!

Coding is fast becoming a core competency for many careers, but it also provides children with skills such as reasoning, creativity and resilience.

With Discovery Education Coding, children will gain a firm understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables – while practising computational thinking through problem-solving and the breaking down of tasks into logical steps.

Want your students to take part? Advanced registrations are now open!

The challenge

Students will be able to enter the competition individually or in groups of up to four pupils. There will be two tasks, one for children aged 5-7 and one for ages 7-12.

  • Habitats (for children aged 5-7): Design an app which shows a habitat, featuring the creatures who live there and the things that they eat! Children can re-create a real habitat or let their imaginations run wild and create a made-up habitat where strange creatures live.
  • Journeys (for children aged 7-12): Using challenging obstacles, children will create an app to retrieve what lies at the end of their character’s adventure! Children could travel the limits of outer space, plunge to the depths of the ocean or even create a maze from the corridors of their own school.


We’ll be awarding prizes and certificates to six winners:

  • 2x First prize: $250 Amazon voucher
  • 2x Second prize: $150 Amazon voucher
  • 2x Third prize: $100 Amazon voucher

To congratulate all children involved, a downloadable “well done for taking part” certificate will be available to print and share.

How does the competition work?

Once the competition starts, teachers and students will have full access to the all-new Discovery Education Coding service.

This means teachers can use the extensive lesson plans and refresher units in class to teach the fundamentals of coding. Whilst schools who prefer a more self-guided approach can use our printable student guides, allowing children to work on their apps at home or during code clubs.

You’ll also be provided with ready-to-go competition resources, including a challenge overview, getting started guide and top tips for each age category.

Although Discovery Education Coding is available on iPads – without Single Student Sign-on, which we can’t offer on competition accounts, there is no mechanism to save/continue building a free code app once you’ve left a lesson. We suggest competition app creation is done on a desktop PC.

Competition dates

The competition will take place between 8 January - 26 February 2020.

Free access logins to Discovery Education Coding will be emailed to registrants from Monday 6 January 2020, allowing teachers to get familiar with the service before the competition starts.

The winning apps will be announced by Monday 23 March 2020.

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