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Real challenges. Real possibilities

STEM Connect offers a suite of resources for Key Stages 1, 2 and 3, designed to be used flexibly either within timetabled lessons, or in after-school STEM clubs. Hands-on tasks and challenges provide real-world context and urgency to learning and enable pupils to bring together knowledge from science, maths and design & technology.

Projects are inspired by the United Nations Goals for Sustainable Development and are structured around four key themes:

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Food
  • Exploration and discovery

Engage with real problems

STEM education is about preparing for what’s next, presenting relevant problems the next generation will have to solve. With the enquiry process at the heart of STEM Connect, each unit is structured to encourage pupils to:

  • Ask questions to understand the precise nature of the challenge presented
  • Plan how to conduct investigations to build knowledge and check assumptions
  • Design solutions, iterate and evaluate their effectiveness

STEM Connect uses relatable scenarios that bring out pupils’ creativity while guiding them to develop and apply knowledge and skills to important real-world challenges. Challenges also shed light on different STEM careers, helping pupils identify future professions. The context for each challenge is set through videos, image galleries and factfiles, while worksheets guide pupils through the hands-on activities. 

Address local and global challenges

Take your pupils beyond the classroom walls. Projects have been conceived to both educate pupils about the challenges that face society today and tomorrow and show how they can make an impact in addressing these challenges themselves – even from a young age.


Set up challenge and conduct initial investigations


Plan, design and build solutions


Evaluate, iterate and improve projects

STEM made simple

Flexible framework

Whether you are supplementing your curriculum timetable or want to supercharge your STEM club, the resources on STEM Connect can be used flexibly depending on the time available to you. Challenges can be completed in one go or extended to a longer multi-session project.

Detailed teacher guidance

Unit overviews and detailed notes mean teachers can just "pick up and go," whatever their level of familiarity with the topics being covered.

“The links to the UN Goals and everyday STEM careers are really fantastic because I believe it’s more important now than ever before that we relate what we are teaching in the classroom to the real world. The clear and uncluttered layout makes it easy to pick and choose what you are going to use (and to find it again quickly!) and to adapt for your own class or context.”

Rachael Coulthard, St Nicholas Primary School, Hertfordshire.


Pricing is based on the specific key stage packs you subscribe to. Annual charges are:

KS1 /
Early Level


Lower KS2 /
First Level


Upper KS2 /
Second Level


KS3 /
Third Level


Special pricing is available for the three primary packs if purchased as a bundle. All prices quoted are excluding VAT.