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Written by subject-expert teachers, the Discovery Education Health and Relationships programme includes a variety of activity types, age-appropriate resources and comprehensive support that will enable all teachers to confidently deliver on the new RHE curriculum requirements:

Child-led, scenario-based videos
Comprehensive lesson plans
Printable resources and image

End to end curriculum planning
Detailed teacher guidance
Support with parental communication

Fully-resourced lessons for years 1-6! See the topics »

Getting along and understanding
changing friendships

The Healthy and happy friendships topic explores friendships: their importance, what being a good friend means, and how to keep friendships positive and healthy. Pupils investigate their own values and identity (including their online identity), and develop skills to resolve difficulties within friendships, including maintaining and respecting personal boundaries and safe touch, managing peer pressure and the effects on friendships of change.


What makes each of us
special and unique

The Similarities and differences topic explores and celebrates the similarities and differences between people, discussing and encouraging ways to value and respect difference and diversity. It looks at the damaging effect that stereotypes can have, and how to identify and challenge them. It helps pupils recognise their own personal strengths and abilities, and develop self-respect.


Looking after each other in school,
at home and in the community

The Caring and responsibility topic focuses on special people. It explores why they are special and how they care for and keep one another safe. It examines pupils’ increasing responsibilities towards themselves and others as they get older, including the role they can play and the difference they can make within their communities.


Different types of families
and healthy relationships

The Families and committed relationships topic explores the importance and diversity of families, and the characteristics of healthy, positive family relationships. It enables pupils to recognise when they may feel unsafe within a family, and how to ask for help if they need it. It identifies the characteristics of a committed relationship, and at Year 6 explores human reproduction and other ways that people can start a family.


Looking after your physical
and mental health

The Healthy bodies, healthy minds topic explores how to stay healthy, both physically and mentally. It explores ways to maintain wellbeing and prevent illness, how to develop a healthy, balanced lifestyle and the consequences and effects of different habits and choices. It encourages the development of positive self-worth and recognition, what might affect or influence unhealthy ways of thinking, and how to overcome this.


How we change as we grow older
and set goals for ourselves

The Coping with change topic explores how people grow and change from babies, through puberty to adulthood. At Key Stage 1, it examines ways in which children have grown and how they will continue to change, and how to develop resilience. At Key Stage 2, it identifies changes that will take place in children’s bodies during puberty, and explores ways to manage the emotional effects of life changes, including the transition to secondary school.


Supporting pupils' wellbeing during lockdown

Never before have the mental health and wellbeing of children been so important! Be it navigating new or changed friendships, building trust within communities, acknowledging the side effects of anxiety, or learning how to manage a range of emotions — our resources are well placed to support the wellbeing of pupils.

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