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Supporting pupils' wellbeing post lockdown

Never before have the mental health and wellbeing of children been so important! Be it navigating new or changed friendships, building trust within communities, acknowledging the side effects of anxiety, or learning how to manage a range of emotions — our resources are well placed to support the wellbeing of pupils returning to school.

Discovery Education Health and Relationships is a new digital PSHE programme, that covers the complete set of Relationships and Health Education objectives for primary schools.

Child-led scenario-based videos engage pupils with the real world. Videos feature children interviewed on key topics, use animation to bring learning to life and provide opportunities for pupils to role-play and make decisions that directly impact their lives.

Written by subject-expert teachers, this outstanding new resource includes a variety of activity types, age-appropriate resources and comprehensive support that will enable all teachers to confidently deliver on the new curriculum requirements:

  • Child-led, scenario-based videos
  • Comprehensive lesson plans
  • Printable resources and images

Explore our years 1-6 programme topics

Each topic contains age-appropriate content that increases in complexity and maturity through the year groups, allowing pupils to build on their skills and understanding each year.

Primary Deputy Heads, Russell and Steve from "Don't Shoot the Deputies" talk about PSHE (and RSE specifically) with Lucy Marcovitch, who specialises in the world of PSHE:

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Confidently deliver the new RHE curriculum with Discovery Education Health and Relationships!

Annual charges are based on the following price bands:

Under 100 pupils


101+ pupils


Bands are based on the number of pupils on your school roll (latest report to the DfE). Minimum two-year agreement. All prices quoted are excluding VAT.

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