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The positive effect of Espresso

A team of researchers from Lancaster University have independently evaluated Discovery Education Espresso. Using evidence from over 330 user schools, they researched the impact the service has on learning and identified cost benefits. Their findings highlighted three positive effects that Espresso has in the classroom:

  • Espresso resources encourage deeper and wider learning – the nature of our resources enables pupils to think beyond the simple fact, generating interest, questioning and discussion
  • Earlier use of Espresso is associated with higher achievement in Key Stage 2 SATs results – in these schools, Espresso was embedded into Key Stage 1 teaching and their longer term plans
  • It takes 50% less time to find a resource on Espresso than it does to search and vet a resource from the Internet – our resources are developed by educationalists and are easy to navigate

We are proud that this piece of research is validation of Discovery Education’s mission: to make a positive impact on teaching and learning.

With a subscription to Discovery Education Espresso, your school can make a difference to learning outcomes, and you too can enjoy ‘the Espresso effect’.

Passey, D. (2011). Independent evaluation of the uses of Espresso online digital resources in primary schools. The report is authored by Don Passey, Senior Research Fellow, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University.