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Primary resources for maths
from Discovery Education Espresso

With Discovery Education Espresso you can quickly introduce and bring tricky maths concepts to life for your pupils. With fun and engaging resources providing real-world context for what pupils are learning. Aligned to the curriculum, you can be sure that Discovery Education Espresso’s maths resources are relevant and adaptable enough to suit all learners.

To see the impact in your classroom, try some of our sample resources!

Addition and subtraction (KS1)

This module has been designed to support the development of addition and subtraction skills throughout Key Stage 1, from learning number bonds by heart and introducing number sentences with mathematical symbols, to applying mental strategies to add and subtract two-digit numbers.

Fractions (Upper KS2)

This module has been created to develop understanding of fractions including mixed numbers and improper fractions. It demonstrates how to simplify fractions using common multiples. The module looks at comparing and ordering fractions, including those greater than 1, and introduces how to add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions.

Please note, the samples above will only be available for a limited time.

More from Discovery Education Espresso

This is just a small sample of the extensive range of resources available within Discovery Education Espresso across Foundation to KS2.

The service includes further engaging maths resources covering:
• Algebra • Geometry • Measurement • Number • Problem solving • Ratio & proportion • Shape • Statistics