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Primary resources for literacy
from Discovery Education Espresso

Discovery Education Espresso’s literacy resources empowers teachers to deliver memorable lessons, and provides pupils with fun, engaging ways to develop their skills, knowledge and understanding. Our curriculum-aligned resources combine video, animations, interactive activities such as quizzes and traditional print support materials across many topic areas. So whether you are perhaps focusing on spelling, comprehension, poetry or handwriting, Discovery Education Espresso has it covered.

To see the impact in your classroom, try some of our sample resources!

Phonics - Polly's phonics (F-KS1)

Videos and activities to support the teaching of Phase 3 phonemes and graphemes and the skills of blending and segmenting. The resource is based on the Department for Education's Letters and Sounds document. The full module features further resources for Phases 2-5.

Spelling (Lower KS2)

These activities and printable resources have been created to develop pupils’ knowledge and understanding of spelling patterns. They offer opportunities to practise the Year 3 & 4 requirements and to identify patterns that will help children to decode and spell unfamiliar words in the future.

Please note, the samples above will only be available for a limited time.

"The children were immediately engaged and what was a real bonus was they had fun while learning.
The progress the children have made is a true reflection of the effectiveness of the program.

Duncan Birds, Head teacher
Willows Primary School