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Reading and writing the Espresso way

Here at Discovery Education, we are aware that there’s no greater challenge than delivering accurate and meaningful English lessons. Unless your pupils make a sound start at the appropriate literacy levels, they will not be able to enjoy and benefit from their time at school.

We believe that Discovery Education Espresso can be a key content partner in helping you to deliver rich and satisfying lessons, whether that’s the best possible start in a strong phonics programme, or helping older pupils to read and write independently and critically.

Discovery Education Espresso has a range of resources to complement the literacy initiatives used in your school:

  • Structured modules for Phonics, Spelling, and Grammar & punctuation with full curriculum coverage.
  • Big books and videos with stories and poems to listen to, read or watch.
  • Extracts from popular story titles, in our Love Reading and Comprehension modules.
  • Expert tips and advice from authors such as Roald Dahl and JK Rowling.
  • Glossaries, video transcripts and factfiles to broaden vocabulary across all subjects.
  • A weekly news service, giving pupils the chance to discuss and debate current events, thus developing spoken language skills and providing meaningful context for writing.

To help shine a light on literacy, we’ve added a selection of literacy resources to our FREE resources section. Why not try one in your classroom?

Download a FREE lesson plan to accompany our Traditional tales module.