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Learn to code with Discovery Education Coding. Whether you are a coding novice or a coding guru, you’ll be able to deliver the coding objectives as part of the National Curriculum for Computing with confidence in a fun and engaging way.

Teach your pupils to code!

Coding accounts for half of the National Curriculum computing programme of study. Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools.

  • Step-by-step lessons guide teachers and pupils through a thoughtfully graduated sequence.
  • Video tutorials present the code that pupils will learn and highlight correct terminology.
  • Debugging tasks and error codes help pupils problem solve.
  • Free code ignites pupils’ creativity.
  • Comprehensive lesson plans ensure all teachers are fully supported.

An annual whole-school subscription is available from £235.

Bring coding to life

Take your pupils on a coding journey! Introduce pupils to coding using visual blocks, or block coding, enabling them to master key coding concepts without having to worry about the precise syntax. Once their confidence grows, extend their skills with our HTML and Python tutorials.

Block coding lessons
HTML tutorials

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Python tutorials

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Teach coding with confidence

With Discovery Education Coding, pupils will gain a secure understanding of coding concepts like algorithms, sequences and variables - as well as developing computational thinking skills through decomposition, logical reasoning and problem-solving. And, best of all, pupils and teachers alike will be able to demonstrate their creativity by creating their own apps and sharing them with their classmates and colleagues.


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A subscription is based on the number of pupils on your school roll. Annual charges are based on the following price bands:






Please note: schools in Northern Ireland should download the following order form.

All prices quoted are excluding VAT, FTE numbers are based on latest report to the DfE.

Unfortunately, we are unable to provide parents and pupils with access details to Discovery Education Coding. Pupil home access is available to all subscribing schools, enabling children to access our services from home via the Internet. Log-in details are sent out from the school. To learn more or express interest, we advise you to contact your child’s school directly.