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The best way to experience Discovery Education Coding is to try it

A scheme of work, lesson plans, helpful video guides, free resources — explore now.

Try it for yourself

Feel free to try some of the sample lessons from the block coding area. Take your time exploring the selection of free resources and sample lesson plans available.

Please note: our brand new HTML and Python lessons are not currently avaiable to try for free on this page. If you would like to see them in action — please request a trial.

Free coding glossary

All the coding terms you could possibly need can be found in one place. As well as a handy glossary you can also download a glossary poster to display on your classroom wall.

Free offline coding activities

Did you know — coding can be taught without technology? To ensure pupils get a deeper understanding of programming concepts, it's always recommended to introduce or reinforce them with "unplugged" activities.

Our free activity packs support teaching key aspects of Computational Thinking and coding objectives from the Computing curriculum.

Free coding posters and resources

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