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Complete support for teaching coding in primary schools

Take coding from concept to reality

Block coding

Our block coding lessons provide a graphical approach to coding where pupils drag and drop events, objects and actions to make things happen in a program, progressing to building their own games and apps.

What's included?


Discover how the web is built. Pupils will learn how web pages are designed, structured and presented with HTML mark-up and CSS. They’ll add tags, images, and links to bring their web pages to life.

What's included?


Explore how this real-life coding language works. Pupils will learn how to write programs using text, and apply their coding know-how to build quizzes, draw graphics and run simulations.

What's included?

Teacher support resources

Explanatory videos help make complex concepts simple and provide visual illustrations and examples of what pupils need to achieve in each lesson. Over 100 lesson plans also provide everything you need for your coding lesson including a quick overview, learning objectives, success criteria, vocabulary and key questions to ask pupils.

Scaffolded learning support

Each unit is broken down into bite-size chunks that enable the pupil to master each skill before moving on to the next. With code validation built-in and a ‘console’ area to help pupils identify any mistakes they’ve made, pupils are fully supported in their learning.

Free code opportunities

There’s also plenty of room for creativity with open-ended activities at the end of each unit to stretch pupils and challenge them to come up with their own ideas, adding new objects and actions to those they’ve used in lessons. Pupils can go even further with the free code area which allows them to write their own code from scratch using the full library of coding blocks available.

Realistic programming challenges

The contexts used throughout are interesting and motivating for pupils with a tangible output at the end of each lesson. Whether pupils want to make a space rocket fly, Red Riding Hood walk through the forest or feed a hungry monster there is something to inspire every pupil.

Debugging lessons

Help pupils to build resilience as they persevere to find the source of problems in their code. Our debugging lessons require pupils to think through and experiment with different solutions to a problem, essential skills whatever career they end up in.

Offline activities

Coding is not just about being able to write code, it’s about teaching pupils to think like a coder. There are five key aspects to computational thinking; logic, algorithms, decomposition, patterns and abstraction and all of these can be supporting with offline activities.


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