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Coding - the next level!

Duration: 35 minutes 56 seconds
Date: 26.11.2015 16:00

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Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools. A term's worth of lessons for each year group, lesson plans, helpful video guides – it's all included.

Join the 3,500+ primary schools who have already benefitted from the Discovery Education Coding service and become part of an online community which has published over 847,700 apps, all built with Discovery Education Coding.

How does Discovery Education Coding support you?

  • A term's worth of lessons for Years 1-6
  • 100+ step-by-step lessons with introductory videos
  • Comprehensive lesson plans
  • Debugging lessons to help pupils problem solve
  • Real-world language lessons for HTML & Python
  • A personal school web page to showcase pupils' apps
  • iPad friendly activities

Make Discovery Education Coding the resource to help your school successfully deliver this exciting part of the curriculum.

A subscription is based on the number of pupils on your school roll. Annual charges are based on the following price bands:

Under 100 FTE £200
101-200 £300
201+ £395

Coding Assist

Introduced in 2014, the Computing element of the new primary curriculum brought computer programming into the classroom for the first time. Discovery Education Coding was created in response to these new requirements, aiming to help non-specialists deliver engaging and stimulating lessons for a new generation. Our in-class support session - Coding Assist, is aimed at teachers who are unfamiliar with the teaching of computing and specifically computer programming. The session will provide the benefit of a specialist’s support in the classroom, to assist teachers in the structuring and implementation of the Discovery Education Coding service.

Our Coding Assist support session can be delivered for £595 (up to 4.5hrs) or as a part of the 'Coding Digital Journey' where we can deliver two sessions (Introducing Discovery Education Coding to your school and Embedding Discovery Education Coding with in-class support) for £800 to your team.

Coding Assist goals:

  • To gain hands on experience of planning, organising and delivering a Discovery Education Coding lesson with specialist support
  • To increase understanding of computer programming terminology
  • To gain an insight into how to practically deliver a successful activity rich lesson
  • To increase non-specialist teacher confidence to deliver future successful lessons

Coding Assist outcomes:

  • An understanding of computer programming language and its relation to the real world
  • Practical guidance on creating a structured lesson plan, covering set up and organisation
  • Enhanced confidence to deliver computer programming lessons to meet the National Curriculum 2014 specifications
  • Experience, in a supported environment, in delivering engaging and focused multi-device lessons


Whole staff; Key stage grouping; phase grouping; year grouping; NQTs; middle management; Teaching assistants/support staff

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