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Coding - the next level!

Duration: 35 minutes 56 seconds
Date: 26.11.2015 16:00

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Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools. A term's worth of lessons for each year group, lesson plans, helpful video guides – it's all included.

Join the 3,500+ primary schools who have already benefitted from the Discovery Education Coding service and become part of an online community which has published over 3.5 million apps, all built with Discovery Education Coding.

How does Discovery Education Coding support you?

  • Step-by-step lessons guide teachers and pupils through a thoughtfully graduated sequence.
  • Video tutorials present the code that pupils will learn and highlight correct terminology.
  • Debugging tasks and error codes help pupils problem solve.
  • Free code ignites pupils’ creativity.
  • Comprehensive lesson plans ensure all teachers are fully supported.

Make Discovery Education Coding the resource to help your school successfully deliver this exciting part of the curriculum.

A subscription is based on the number of pupils on your school roll. Annual charges are based on the following price bands:

Under 100 FTE £235
101-200 £335
201+ £435

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