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Supporting teachers and students at Harbour Primary School to use technology confidently


Harbour Primary School’s Senior Leadership Team wanted their students to be confident in picking up any piece of technology and knowing how to use it and what it’s most appropriate for. To achieve this they needed their teachers to have access to digital resources and technology that could support this aim.


The school invested early on in Discovery Education Espresso and teachers have been fully supported in using the high quality digital resources across the curriculum — in a range of classroom scenarios and on a variety of devices. Following the changes to Computing in the National Curriculum in 2014, Harbour Primary School decided to use Discovery Education Coding. Some teachers were anxious about teaching this new complex subject, so they have taken part in Discovery Education’s virtual Coding Camp each year to build their confidence.


Teachers use the Discovery Education Espresso and Discovery Education Coding digital resources and activities confidently and appropriately to engage students in their learning of topics across the National Curriculum. Students are clearly engaged and enjoying their learning, and are comfortable using different devices, along with traditional tools, to interact with the online videos and activities.

The school is active within the Discovery Education Community, and ICT Coordinator Matt Wright took part in a week of professional development in Washington DC in 2015. He brought new ideas and teaching strategies for using a variety of technology back to the school; one of his highlights was ‘mystery Skyping’ which he’s done with his class a number of times!

More about Harbour Primary School

Location: Newhaven, East Sussex

Key statistics:

  • Large primary school catering for students aged 2 to 11 years
  • High percentages of students eligible for free school meals and students with special educational needs
  • The school encourages students to be creative in their use of technology through podcasting, green screening and their school radio station.

Ofsted: The latest Ofsted report is from 2014, when the school had just merged with another local school. The overall result was Requires Improvement but with two criteria rated as Good.

Learn more about the key values and aims of Harbour Primary & Nursery School:

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