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Coding, computational thinking and the classroom

Duration: 40 minutes 1 second
Date: 25.06.2015 16:00

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Discovery Education Coding provides complete support for teaching coding in primary schools. A term's worth of lessons for each year group, lesson plans, helpful video guides – it's all included.

Join the 3,500+ primary schools who have already benefitted from the Discovery Education Coding service and become part of an online community which has published over 847,700 apps, all built with Discovery Education Coding.

How does Discovery Education Coding support you?

  • A term's worth of lessons for Years 1-6
  • 100+ step-by-step lessons with introductory videos
  • Comprehensive lesson plans
  • Debugging lessons to help pupils problem solve
  • Real-world language lessons for HTML & Python
  • A personal school web page to showcase pupils' apps
  • iPad friendly activities

Make Discovery Education Coding the resource to help your school successfully deliver this exciting part of the curriculum.

A subscription is based on the number of pupils on your school roll. Annual charges are based on the following price bands:

Under 100 FTE £200
101-200 £300
201+ £395

Coding courses

BRAND NEW: 'Coding Digital Journey'

Our Professional Development team is committed to the highest standards of professional learning, grounded in research and successful practice. We partner with you to identify your vision for improving teaching and learning and work together with you to develop a customised programme.

Two session professional development experience:

  • addresses the Computing Programmes of Study – KS1 & KS2
  • delivery by your dedicated professional development specialist
  • structured to ensure maximum support for the non-computing teacher
  • in-class support for those new to teaching computer programming

Session 1: Foundation

Introducing Discovery Education Coding to your school

Session 2: Coding Assist

Embedding Discovery Education Coding with in-class support

Duration: 2 – 3 hours per session
Location: At your school
Group Size: 4 - 20

Session 1 & 2: £800

We also have an extensive range of professional development courses available. View our course catalogue and learn more

Session objectives and outcomes

Foundation session outcomes:

  • familiarity with computer programming terminology
  • understanding of Discovery Education Coding, its structure, lesson format and supplementary resource tools
  • increased confidence to deliver the first lesson using Discovery Education Coding
  • preparedness to manage children working on digital devices

Foundation session includes:

  • computational thinking, computer programming in an everyday environment
  • applying understanding to Discovery Education Coding
  • reviewing the components, resources, and structure within the Discovery Education solution
  • planning for maximum impact, using the Explore, Engage, and Review format
  • workshop for complete understanding
  • review readiness for lesson implementation

Coding Assist session outcomes:

  • understanding of computer programming language and its relation to the real world
  • practical experience of creating a structured approach to computing lesson planning
  • enhanced confidence to deliver computer programming lessons to meet the National Curriculum 2014 specifications
  • greater awareness of how to plan and deliver engaging and focused multi device lessons

Coding Assist session includes:

  • specialist support before, during, and after the session
  • planning and structuring the lesson
  • presenting and positioning lesson objectives with clarity
  • supporting groups of pupils for maximum engagement
  • facilitating pupil extension activities
  • reviewing the lesson
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