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Spotlight on Strategies:Tweet tweet

Review elements of a tweet. Ask students to write their 'handle' (i.e. username) on the top of 3 post its. Play a video, pausing to allow students to add something they learned on their post it to mimic a tweet. Display the tweets around the room and have students walk around the room creating at least three reply tweets to other students.

Big idea

The purpose of this strategy is for students to focus on important details and summarise. This is a great way for teachers to determine what students are learning using digital media content.

Overview of strategy



five-ten minute video segment, post-it notes, pen/pencil

  1. Introduce the activity by reviewing the elements of a tweet:
    • Username - also known as a 'handle'.
    • Brevity - tweets are limited to 140 characters in length with enough information for readers to understand the idea you want to convey.
  2. Provide each student with at least three post-it notes and ask them to determine their 'handle' and write it at the top of each note.
  3. Play a video segment, pausing occasionally to allow students to 'tweet' something they learned on their sticky note.
  4. Have students post their sticky notes around the room.
  5. Conclude by having students participate in a walk around the room and create reply tweets to at least three other students.
Sum it up

This strategy is a great way to encourage students to pay attention to important details that deepen their knowledge of the concept. Allowing them to retweet engages them in rich classroom discussion.

"Excited children tweet their adaptation learning - great fun!"

Twitter @jopobish
More ideas
  • Group similar tweets to create a graphic organiser or mind map.
  • Have students develop their tweets into a blog post.
  • Continue tweeting by creating a classroom "Tweet Board".

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