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Discovery Education STEM Connect

What is STEM Connect?

Inspired by the UN Sustainable Development Goals, STEM Connect is a teaching resource developed to help schools inspire pupils with a love of science, technology, engineering and maths – from the very beginning of their school careers.

How does STEM Connect
meet curriculum requirements?

Teacher feedback was a crucial component in building STEM Connect. We designed the programme to draw upon curriculum objectives with hands-on projects that can be delivered flexibly, be it within timetabled lessons, after-school clubs or during collapsed timetables.

How is STEM Connect structured?

STEM Connect units are structured around four main sections: a unit introduction, a ‘Challenge’ section which presents the problem, a ‘Design’ section in which pupils work out how to solve the problem and find out more about the real-world STEM professionals who would be involved in doing so, and a ‘Solve’ section where they evaluate their success and iterate as needed.

How does STEM Connect
model key STEM behaviours?

Throughout STEM Connect, we invite pupils to analyse problems, plan their own investigations, develop solutions based on real data and then test and evaluate them. We flag the many opportunities for pupils to collaborate, communicate and present, putting into action the 4Cs that are crucial to STEM career success.

Inspire pupils to solve real-world challenges

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