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It's Times Tables test time

Your go-to maths resources to prep for the MTC

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Get ready for the MTC with Espresso

With the MTC coming, teachers will be spending hours preparing resources to support their pupils. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a programme that had all the activities and assessments you need, at just the click of a button? Well, let us introduce you to Espresso – the only place you’ll ever need to go for your times tables materials!

Available to use instantly

We know how much work goes into preparing children for the MTC, on top of what teachers already do every day. That's why we’ve created assessments for all the times tables you need, so you don’t need to spend your evenings typing up countless multiplications!

A variety of maths resources

From songs and videos to number lines and multiplication grids, Espresso has all the activities and interactives to help successfully engage pupils with their times tables.

Assign with ease

Say goodbye to printer queues – assign assessments to individual pupils or a whole class at the click of a button. You can even add specific instructions, like asking them to complete the work on their own or use resources for support.

Share with colleagues

All our resources can be quickly shared with colleagues across your school. Simply copy and paste the shareable link in an email, via Google Classroom, Microsoft Teams, Schoology or Canvas.

Jenny Alexander Alehousewells Primary School, Kemnay

"Espresso is my go-to resource for teaching Maths. I always look in Espresso first... it’s easy to find resources for teaching about fractions, time, length, measurement, money and much more.”

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