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Geography resources for KS1 and KS2

Deliver exciting, interactive lessons with Espresso

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All your Geography needs in one place

With fully curriculum-aligned lesson plans and resources, Espresso has everything you need to successfully teach Geography. Geography often feels like one of those lessons that ‘slips through the net’ but we know that there’s ongoing pressure to improve the quality of the wider-curriculum... Espresso is here to help!

Everything you need, in one place

Fed up with trawling the internet to find resources? Luckily, Espresso has all the lesson plans, activities and interactives you could possibly need, in one place. Use instantly, share with a colleague or save for later – your ‘My content’ area can store all your favourite materials.

Geography in the News

The key to keeping children engaged and focused is to keep their learning relevant. If they can see how what they’re learning impacts their everyday lives, they’re more likely to pay attention! Our age-appropriate News stories link perfectly to Geography topics, but can be used for cross-curricular links too.

Interactive resources

Videos, books, images, sounds... there’s something for every learner. If you can't get to the seaside, we’ll bring the seaside to you! Immerse your pupils in the sights and sounds of your Geography topics and watch their creative juices flow.

Comprehensive teacher support

Every topic has a specific teacher area that covers resources, guidance and ideas. You’ll also find inspiration for writing opportunities and cross-curricular links, creating exciting and engaging experiences for every lesson!

Farhana Patel, Executive Principal The Oxford School, Panama

"The videos and built-in teacher guides make it a very accessible platform for educators. They can be sure the pitch of lessons is in accordance with curriculum requirements and there is sufficient coverage of different skills for each subject.”

Bring Geography to life in your classroom

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