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Primary School Assemblies

Make taking assemblies a breeze with Espresso

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Engaging assemblies for KS1 and KS2

Assemblies are a time to bring the whole-school together, but are often a quick ‘whip up at lunchtime’ job because, let’s face it, schools are a very busy place! With Espresso, ready-to-use assemblies are just a click away. High-quality, relevant images, key questions and discussion points help engage KS1 and KS2 children in important topics, whilst saving you invaluable time.

Everything you need... in one place

All our assemblies are ready-to-use anytime, anywhere. They have everything you need to create an engaging learning experience and encourage contemplation of moral, personal and social issues in an age-appropriate way.

Easily shareable resources

With the option to save assemblies to your ‘QuickList’, you can plan your topics months in advance! If there’s a presentation relevant to a particular year group, you can assign it to a specific class. Or, if you’d like the children to recap any discussions in class, our assemblies can be easily shared at the click of a button.

Comprehensive teacher support

You’ll find a ‘Teacher area’ for each presentation which give an overview of what each assembly covers and how it relates to the curriculum. With our printable assembly guides, any member of staff can feel confident taking an assembly, especially if they have to step in at the last-minute.

Themed assemblies throughout the year

From common topics to historical figures and topical events, you’re sure to find something to suit your assembly needs. All our assemblies are designed to allow teachers to engage and intrigue their pupils, without the extra workload.

Suzanne Haigh, Headteacher Kensington Wade School, West London

"Espresso is an incredibly valuable bank of resources for our school. It’s helpful and supportive for teachers."

Get children excited for assembly time

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