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Thank you for your order!

Your invoice will be sent shortly and our implementation team will contact the school to arrange access.
Thank you for contacting our support desk. Our phone lines and support email inbox has been extremely busy this week. We sincerely apologise for any potential delay in responding to your message. Please be assured that we will respond to your individual request as soon as possible.

Support FAQs

Below are some key messages with regards to the 14th May upgrade:

What happens after the 14th May?

To help you with the upgrade, we have automatically migrated your existing online accounts into the new platform. After the 14th May, all your existing online users with access to Espresso and/or Coding – including your shared student user account – will be automatically redirected to the upgraded Espresso/Coding on the new platform. You will have access to the upgraded service using your current online accounts. Please note that these are temporary user accounts and your school account will still need upgrading. These temporary accounts will expire in the near future. More details on this help article – New Login URL is

Upgrade complete

If your upgrade is complete or you have completed the Wonde setup, you can get started by following the new user journey article – New Login URL is

Manual setup

If you are a current admin and require support with manual setup, please see our step by step guide – Please visit our Help centre for more information –

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