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DoodleLearning Customer Offer – Terms and conditions

Doodle Customer Offer – Terms and Conditions

1. Offer is valid until 01/08/23 at 23:59.

2. Percentage discounts are only available on second product subscriptions. As a current DoodleLearning School, you are eligible to receive a percentage off a new Espresso school subscription for the term of the initial subscription. After such period, the subscription fees will increase to our then current rates unless you cancel. Details can be found on our ‘How Do I Cancel’ page.

3. Offer can only be redeemed through the Discovery Education UK website.

4. Offer remains valid only while you have a valid subscription to both products.

5. If you accept the Offer and then later decide to cancel one of your subscriptions, the Offer will be revoked, and you will have to pay the RRP on the remaining subscription (as outlined in our pricing plans).

6. All subscriptions will be subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy available on our website, by accepting the Offer, you represent that you are authorised to bind your school and agree to the Terms of Use and the Privacy Policy.


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