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Safer Internet Day 2016: Primary School hosts event with Islington Council and Discovery Education

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An Islington primary school is hosting a special event for parents and pupils today, to mark Safer Internet Day.

Organised by Islington Council and Discovery Education, the event at St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School on Tuesday will see parents going back into the classroom, to take part in lessons and a special assembly with the aim of keeping families safe online.

Parents will be offered advice on how to promote responsible internet-use at home, and will gain first-hand experience of the online safety lessons pupils receive in school. St Joseph’s will also be highlighting the creative and positive ways in which pupils use the internet, and will be demonstrating some of the pioneering digital technologies and content used in lessons every day.

Working in partnership with Discovery Education, St Joseph’s is recognised as a leading digital school, and last week received a visit from the Premier of Nova Scotia, who was keen to learn about their success. Tuesday’s event will offer parents a series of lively interactive demonstrations, including a ‘green screening’ session led by James Massey, Educational Consultant at Discovery Education. The special effects technology, used in television and film-making, turns the classroom into a studio, transporting pupils to a different location or time.

The day is being filmed by Discovery Education and will be publicly available on their website to tie in with Safer Internet Day on February 9. Globally, Safer Internet Day involves over 100 countries, and is supported by the European Commission and national Safer Internet Centres across Europe.

Clare McFlynn, Headteacher at St Joseph’s Primary School said:

“Children are spending more time online than ever before, so it’s vital that parents and carers are aware of the risks, and are given practical information about how to manage them. We also want to highlight the more positive and creative aspects of the internet, and are looking forward to demonstrating how we use digital technology and content to bring our lessons to life, and boost pupil engagement and attainment.”

Helen Miller, Relationship Development Manager at Discovery Education said:

“We’re delighted to be supporting St Joseph’s Primary School and Islington Borough Council at this Safer Internet event. We all have a role to play in promoting safer internet use, while recognising that digital technology can also be harnessed in many innovative and positive ways to really engage children and enhance their learning.”

Discovery Education is one of the UK’s leading providers of high-quality digital content to primary and secondary schools. A winner at this year’s BETT Awards, Discovery Education helps schools to deliver interactive lessons and virtual experiences, bringing learning to life for thousands of pupils. Discovery also provides schools with on-going professional development and support, preparing teachers for the digital challenges of the future.

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