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  • Andrew Hammond
    Andrew Hammond
    Senior Director of Learning, Discovery Education 

    Andrew has worked in schools for 20 years, as a Headteacher, Deputy Head, Director of Studies, Housemaster, Head of English and class teacher, in both the independent and maintained sectors. He is currently Senior Director of Learning & Community at Discovery Education. A prolific author, Andrew has written over thirty titles for various Educational publishers. He is a regular contributor to educational magazines, newspapers and blogs.

    His latest work involves a collaboration with NAHT, developing an online holistic programme that supports the continuous professional development of teachers and leaders in today’s schools.

  • Andrew Jeffrey
    Experienced teacher, author and trainer 

    Andrew Jeffrey has worked in education for 30 years, over half of them in leadership roles. Since childhood, he has suffered from ADHD, so has had to research and learn the hard way how to get organised. Andrew tried and failed (over and over again) until he developed the systems he now uses to run a successful training business, and organise events all over the world.

    Andrew is the author of ‘Efficient Time Management’, an online course offered within the Pathway programme from NAHT & Discovery Education.


20 Jul 2021


4:00 PM - 4:45 PM



Efficient time management and organisational skills

Andrew Hammond talks to experienced teacher, author and trainer, Andrew Jeffrey, about the relationship we all have with that most prized commodity: time. How can we use it efficiently? How can we move from being reactive to pro-active? Andrew shares some thoughts from his thirty-year career in teaching and leadership.

Each of us has exactly 24 hours in our day. What’s more, this will never change. How we spend them is supremely important, yet how often do we ever stop to think deeply about how we might best do so? In this fireside chat, Andrew Jeffrey shares some strategies to help us remain well-organised, efficient and with a positive mindset, whatever is thrown at us. Planning carefully may only motivate some of us, but a lack of planning can quickly demotivate all of us.

As we enter the summer break, and then think about the new academic year ahead, we consider some of the routines and rituals that may help us to stay on top and stay positive.

Learn more about the themes of this sessionhead over to “The Hub” on NAHT’s website.

This session will be available on demand. Recommended for all teaching staff