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Discovery Education provides teaching and learning support to Uckfield Community Technology College students and staff as they become digital leaders

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As part of its core mission to transform teaching and learning, Discovery Education encouraged students at Uckfield Community Technology College (UCTC) to take ownership of their learning by leading a dynamic professional development event, where pupils became accredited Discovery Education Secondary Tech Champs, or ambassadors of technology implementation.

James Massey, Discovery Education’s Educational Consultant, delivered an interactive and engaging training session with 13 pupils, which encompassed drafting a plan to increase technology engagement throughout the school. The Tech Champs will serve as digital leaders in their school, providing advice and ideas to their peers and teachers about how to effectively integrate the Discovery Education Secondary service into their curriculum. These students learned about 21st century skills such as collaboration, analysing and evaluating, problem solving, and creating, as well as leadership by spearheading some of UCTC’s technology initiatives.

“I think being a Tech Champ will help the teachers a lot because they weren’t necessarily raised in a digital era. The younger generation who know a bit more can help teach them. It’s also an interesting experience for them because they normally teach us but we’ll be teaching them,” Chloe, a Year 9 student at Uckfield Community Technology College explains.

Following the student training, James delivered a professional development session for UCTC educators. During this CPD session, teachers learned about the various benefits the Discovery Education Secondary service provides, and they heard their own students’ perspectives on how it could be implemented in the classroom.

“Having students be involved in part of the roll out allows for them to be actively engaged in the learning process. They’re experts, they learn quickly and are excited by the digital tools, and they’re great teachers!” says Jeanette O’Connor, Assistant Head Teacher, Uckfield Community Technology College.

UCTC, whose motto is “realising potential,” strives to inspire students and support creative, individualised growth through its innovative and interactive programmes. In support of their inspirational use of technology, UCTC will be adopting a one-to-one Chromebook programme.

As part of its launch, UCTC will host a Chromebooks for Learning Show on Friday 26 June for students, parents, and educational leaders to showcase its transformative and innovative technology use, as well as their use of Discovery Education’s ground-breaking cross-curricular resources. Keynote speakers, including James Massey, will deliver informative sessions about digital services and pedagogical strategies; further, hands-on demonstrations will be offered during this stimulating, celebratory event.

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