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Next competition launches: 13th October 2015

Ada Lovelace day: Important women in history competition

From 13th October - 8th November we set a creative challenge to create an app to celebrate the achievements of women in STEM and throughout history. Lots of pupils accepted the challenge to take part and as a result we had hundreds of entries to review.

Our judging panel had a tough job but we're excited to announce our winning entries selected by:

  • Cindy Moss, Director of Global STEM Initiatives for Discovery Education and one of the top “100 Women in STEM.”
  • Phil Nottingham, teacher, computing coordinator, Discovery Education Community member
  • Matt Wright, teacher, Discovery Education Community member

Keystage 1

Winning app

CC Mimi Y2P - By Amelia M, Age 6 (Holy Cross Prep)
Instructions - Escape the Moon Monster
The Moon Monster is coming for the Spacewoman, get to your space rocket and get back to Earth
"a" - move spacewoman left
"d" - move spacewoman right
Don't let the Moon Monster get you! Once you get into the Rocket it will blast off into space. Play app » Tweet

Runner up

History - By Daniel , Age 7 (St Peters C of E )
The lady has to get to the pyramid without getting court by the bee. Play app » Tweet

Runner up

Debo - By Debo, Age 18 (Highshore)
Red Riding Hood and her dog. Play app » Tweet

Keystage 2

Winning app

Rosa Parks - By Jason, Age 11 (Horsell C of E Junior School)
Help Rosa Parks stop segregation between black and white people in an exciting bus chase! Use w s a d to control Rosa. Play app » Tweet

Runner up

Mrs Pankhurst fights for women's votes - By Thomas , Age 10 (Clayesmore Preparatory School)
Help Mrs Pankhurst persuade the men to allow women to vote. Each time you manage to hit a man with one of Mrs Pankhurst's votes, they disappear and you've won their vote. You have 35 seconds to convince them all! Play app » Tweet

Runner up

Amelia the maze flyer - By Thomas, Age 10 (Bidston Avenue Primary School)
The object of the game is to fly Amelia through the maze without touching the sides. Suitable for ages 6 - 8 years. Play app » Tweet