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Inspire Programme

A bespoke service for schools looking for a complete professional development programme

Our Inspire Programme was born out of partnership with our own community of schools and academies.

We found classroom teachers, senior leadership teams, head teachers and executive principals of federated schools were coming to us seeking a way of implementing a comprehensive programme of professional development that would make a real and sustained difference to their staff, to their pupils and ultimately to their pupils learning outcomes.

We have worked with these partners to create the Inspire Programme.

This is a programme firmly rooted in a technology framework that helps schools marry up their ambition for educational impact, with infrastructure readiness and staff technology skills.


The programme works in three key phases:

  1. Scoping

    The completion of school-wide scoping documents with one of our consultants - these documents aim to help schools establish where their need for professional development is greatest and how to help schools achieve their aims within the confines of their own technology and infrastructure. They also enable classroom teachers to define where they need the greatest input of training and professional development.

  2. Creation

    We create a programme of whole school professional development in partnership with the senior leadership team, the teaching staff and any additional stakeholders nominated by the school. Programmes are designed to assist in the delivery of school ambitions that are commonly outlined within the School Development Plan.

  3. Implementation

    We agree a time-scale of delivery with each partner school that suits their needs. Session timings, delivery dates and plans for staff who will attend are all mapped out. Logistical and technical requirements are also scoped out to best suit partner needs.

"In recent years we have been at the forefront of introducing technology within teaching and management at the school. We were impressed that Discovery Education, through extensive consultation with us, responded to our unique needs with a clear, engaging professional development programme to support both our teaching and non-teaching staff. Covering virtually the whole primary curriculum, this exciting training will help us raise attainment even higher."
Mike Barnes, Head teacher at Flakefleet Primary School, Lancashire