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Find out what motivates you, audit your skills and competencies and plot future goals and aspirations that support your professional roles, your motivations and interests and your health and wellbeing.

Pathway helps you to identify what motivates you in your work and helps establish the skills you need to develop so you can achieve your career goals. Our motivation plan, skills audits and career mapping tools help you set your career aspirations and stay on track.

Motivation Plan

We all know that motivation is important. As individuals, as employers, as managers, we recognise that motivation is an essential factor when seeking to achieve high levels of performance, but how can we manage motivation? To engage motivation, we first have to understand exactly what motivation is, and is not.

Our Guide to Motivation will help you identify the nature of motivation and what motivates you in your current role, encouraging you to create your own motivation plan. You will be encouraged to consider how to stay motivated and how to build motivation across your team. With this knowledge the plan becomes your starting point for change in both your personal and professional relationships.

Skills Audit

Self-assessing your own professional skills and competencies enables you to progress through your career as a lifelong learner. The Skills Audit is an interactive self-assessment tool where you can analyse your strengths and areas for development. The audit stays with you so you can revisit as you progress through your career.

Career Map

Few of us map out our careers from the beginning, and yet having a clear sense of direction can help us to stay focused and aspirational, especially when those plans are informed by the things that motivate, or demotivate, us. Setting targets that also take in one’s wider interests and health and wellbeing can keep us grounded and feeling positive. In the Pathway programme we encourage you to set yourself goals for the coming years that encompass your professional roles, your motivation and interests and your health and wellbeing. The career map well help keep you on track in achieving these goals.

Supporting career progression and teacher wellbeing

Pathway is structured around three core stages which together form a virtuous cycle of continuous empowerment throughout a teacher’s professional journey.