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Learn from fellow educators, school leaders and education experts through a suite of continuous professional empowerment courses and community resources that help you develop your professional skills.

We don’t believe that CPD should be ‘done at’ teachers; we think it should be an enjoyable and empowering experience that develops self-efficacy and motivation. Through lively discussions, interviews and reflections, our experts invite you to consider how you feel about issues, what actions you can take and what the positive impact on both you and your pupils will be.

Continuous Professional Empowerment courses

Pathway’s professional learning courses are like no other. Focusing on the person on the receiving end our high-quality learning films feature a range of experts, many of whom are still teaching and leading schools today. Each film takes an issue or topic and presents a variety of roundtable discussions, interviews and reflections. Accompanying reading materials present the intent, implementation and impact of strategies shared in the films, with coaching questions for reflection.


It is our aim that the Pathway courses will help teachers and leaders to earn themselves credits towards Masters programmes at several leading universities across the UK. We hope Pathway users will be able to take their written responses and reflections produced within our courses to a variety of universities for assessment and accreditation. We are in discussions with a number of higher education institutions regarding the accreditation of our courses and we hope to publish more news soon.

Pathway Community

Sharing thoughts and feelings with fellow teachers is fundamental not only to our continued professional development but also for our wellbeing. Hearing how others have innovated and adapted to solve common problems can be both enlightening and reassuring. As well as connecting you with your peers participating in the programme, Pathway will offer a range of podcasts, on-demand videos, blog posts and more to keep you up-to-date with current thinking and trends.

Supporting career progression and teacher wellbeing

Pathway is structured around three core stages which together form a virtuous cycle of continuous empowerment throughout a teacher’s professional journey.