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Continuous Professional Empowerment Modules

A wide range of modules centred around themes of self, professional role, culture and community authored by highly experienced educators and experts in their field.

Pathway’s modules are like no other. We focus on the person on the receiving end, rather than delivering CPD at you. Modules take on issues or topics and present a variety of roundtable discussions, interviews and reflections, asking three main questions throughout. What are your thoughts and feelings? What action could you take to improve? What positive impact will these actions have on you and your pupils?

  • Efficient time management and self-organisationAndrew Jeffrey Time cannot be saved, only spent more wisely. This module provides tried and tested practical methods of prioritising and maximising your 24 hours. 
  • Understanding and working with motivationMark Turner Understanding our own and the motivation of others is critical to success. Review different motivational needs and the degree to which those needs are met by current circumstances.
  • Developing successful teamsProf. Max Coates Build an understanding of teams, how they function or 'dysfunction', and the need for supporting both team capability and capacity to meet organisational goals.
  • Effective strategy for disadvantaged pupilsDaniel Jones This module explores barriers to learning for disadvantaged pupils and identifies evidence based, whole school and targeted approaches to deliver ambitious progress and attainment. 
  • School improvement, done it! What’s next?Hannah Tudor How can school leaders maintain a culture of innovation, risk taking and self-driven improvement beyond Ofsted “Outstanding” and keep thinking that way for the long term?
  • Building partnerships with parentsJulie Keyes An in-depth look at the importance of the teacher-parent relationship exploring positive ways to establish strong foundations and techniques to strengthen and grow the partnership.
  • The power of cultureAndrew Hammond Explore how to capture what lies behind the grade, a school’s hidden curriculum: shaping attitudes, modelling behaviours and even forging a child’s character – for life.
  • Creating and embedding a professional learning cultureChris Dale Explore how to promote and provide structures that build a professional learning culture in school and the key features of learning communities.
  • A curriculum of hopeDr Debra Kidd A look at how curriculum can be written and delivered to ensure students get not only a ‘knowledge rich’, but a ‘humanity rich’ experience.
  • The agile teacher Hywel Roberts Nobody wants teaching to be a by-the-numbers pursuit. This module offers a re-engagement with our professional imagination and a reinstatement of teaching as art as well as a science.
  • Professional resilience and reflection John Grove  Explore the ‘soft skills’ such as coaching, networking and reflection that leaders should take deliberate action to develop to help them build excellent teams and develop personal balance and resilience.
  • Effective assessment for learning strategiesMichael Chiles Explore how school leaders and teachers can generate a deeper understanding of this powerful tool in order to gather evidence to build and strengthen their understanding of whether pupils are on the right track on the journey to improve knowledge.
  • Stepping up to leadership Mark Deacon This module guides the aspirational teacher through leading all elements of a school improvement project and consider whether they are ready for leadership, professionally and personally. 
  • What they don’t teach you in trainingOmar Akbar Looking at the portion of a teaching career not in the classroom, this module will help new teachers feel confident in not just surviving, but thriving in their career.
  • Impactful behaviour management strategiesHayley McKechnie Reflect on your current practice, the impact it has on both pupils and yourself and explore building positive relationships with pupils built on mutual respect.
  • Unlocking creativityAndrew Hammond If a young Leonardo da Vinci were in your classroom today, how would you know? Explore ways to unlock children’s creativity whilst maintaining – and raising – academic standards.
  • Leadership recruitmentMike Abraham This module explores in a very practical way the different perspectives on leadership recruitment and provides a narrative to support those seeking their first or indeed subsequent leadership appointment.
  • Immersion: the teaching amplifierPhil Birchinall Bring magic into your classroom...our biggest trick will be to make technology disappear! Explore how to use technology to create an emotional connection to pupils and through that how to amplify your teaching and your pupils’ learning.
  • The power of languageMarijke Miles Every school is alive with language! Go on a journey through some of the different uses and impacts of language and explore how we can harness its startling power to overcome some of our greatest challenges as educators and leaders.
  • Exploring mastery learningChris Dale Mastery is a word that has become increasingly embedded in our educational lexicon over recent years, most notably in mathematics. Explore the key principles and implementation challenges of mastery learning and the importance of high-quality transition.