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Discovery Education Espresso

The award-winning digital learning service

Suitable for Foundation to Year 6 pupils, Discovery Education Espresso brings learning to life with engaging resources that strengthen pupils’ understanding and make every lesson memorable.  

Discovery Education Espresso

Support delivery of the National Curriculum

Discovery Education Espresso is a trusted and safe resource to support teachers in delivering a broad and balanced curriculum across both core and foundation subjects. Espresso's flexible resources support rigorous curriculum requirements with easy-to-use materials that directly meet learning objectives and are proven to increase pupil attainment.*

Find relevant resources quickly

Resources are curated into modules supporting specific curriculum objectives. Module guides provide teachers with context for the resources with suggested ideas for integrating into lessons. Additional point-of-use teacher support saves teachers time and ensures they can make the most out of every resource. 

Go beyond the classroom walls

The Espresso News area, included within a subscription, delivers age-appropriate, classroom-ready news features helping children understand the world they live in, and make connections to what they are learning in the classroom. Incorporating the news into the school day builds pupils’ cultural capital and creates informed, engaged future citizens, giving them a perspective on the bigger picture and guiding their career paths and the different roles they can play in society.

Foster independent learning strategies

The videos on Espresso model the type of English that children need to work towards in their own speech and writing, with broad vocabulary and varied sentence structure, helping to close the vocabulary gap. Videos are also a springboard to a plethora of comprehension activities. For example, video transcripts can be used to facilitate grammar and punctuation work.

* Passey, D. (2011). Independent evaluation of the uses of Espresso online digital resources in primary schools. The report is authored by Professor Don Passey, Department of Educational Research, Lancaster University.

Rich, diverse curriculum materials

Whatever your instructional focus, we have content to support you. There are more than 460 modules covering topics such as:

  • Grammar and Punctuation 
  • Algebra 
  • Phonics 
  • Online safety 
  • Digital literacy
  • Fractions, decimals and percentages 
  • British values 
  • Identifying and combatting discrimination
  • Habitats
  • Democracy and elections
More than just video

Discovery Education Espresso is not just a video resource, with over 23,000 individual assets there are rich and diverse resources for every lesson. For example:

  • Listen to the sounds of the rainforest
  • Use an image as a cloze reading exercise
  • Practise mental maths strategies with an interactive game
  • Explore timelines of various civilizations including Romans, Vikings and The Mayans
  • Go outside on a nature walk with a printable worksheet 
  • Plan an experiment with the scientific investigation planning sheet
Research-based instructional strategies

Strong instructional strategies take our content from wow to impactful. Espresso contains a collection of Spotlight on Strategies that take the guesswork out of lesson planning. These simple, research-based strategies are created for teachers, by teachers and incorporate digital media in meaningful, effective and practical ways. These much-loved resources are used daily by teachers around the world.

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