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Long term professional development helping Brentfield Primary empower teachers and students

Duration: 2 minutes 35 seconds
Date: 27.01.2016 10:00

Appreciating the value of using technology to engage students in the classroom, Brentfield Primary School's Head teacher Paola Riddle wanted to empower her staff to embrace using technology with new, creative pedagogies. Her long term goal was to have technology used appropriately and effectively throughout the curriculum, by all teachers and teaching assistants, so that students were given the best possible opportunities to learn and achieve in every class.


The school entered into a partnership with Discovery Education, to provide a three-year bespoke Professional Development programme. The programme was designed to enable all staff to develop and hone their skills in using digital resources, and the school’s tablets, in their everyday teaching. A group of teaching assistants plus the ICT coordinator are designated digital champions; they receive additional training to further scale the professional development across the school. Part of the programme is designed to engage parents, particularly in relation to coding and online safety within the computing curriculum.


Just four months into the partnership, Brentfield Primary School’s senior leadership can already see a significant impact, and have reflected on how Discovery Education is supportive, collaborative and unique in its long term commitment to their success. It’s clear from lesson observations, including from local authority inspectors, that the teaching staff are more confident which in turn translates into a dynamic classroom environment where students are motivated, engaged and are providing each other with peer-to-peer support.

Our partner says

"Discovery Education are a partner because they’re here to stay. We feel empowered by the fact that somebody is supporting us.Paola Riddle, Head teacher, Brentfield Primary School

"Our work with Discovery Education has really upskilled our teachers in order to deliver better in the classroom. Interestingly, one of the benefits we’ve seen from increased teacher confidence in using technology is that students are working better together, there’s lots of collaboration and peer-to-peer support, and they aren’t so reliant on the adults. In class you often see students helping others get started with the computers or tablets so they can all succeed.Julie Harvey, Deputy Head teacher, Brentfield Primary School

More about Brentfield Primary School

Location: Neasden, London

Key statistics:

  • Larger inner city school with over 620 children on roll.
  • Over 75% of pupils with English as an additional language.
  • Above average number of pupils eligible for free school meals.

Overall Ofsted rating 2012: Good

The school engages its students in various extra-curricular activities to support their social development including a school council, a knitting club and a gardening club.

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