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Spotlight on Strategies:Make it concrete

Explain what concrete poetry is. Play a video or read a passage of text. Students then draw the outline of a image (or series of images) that represent what the main concept of the segment was. They fill in the outline of each shape with facts they learned. Share and display.

Big idea

Concrete and shape poems have been used in classrooms for years. This strategy puts a twist on the concept by using it as an instructional strategy to have students reflect upon and share something they have learned through a media resource.

Overview of strategy

  • Ages:Early years, Primary & Secondary
  • Media type used:Video & Text
  • Preparation time:Low
  • Download strategy PDF


paper, markers, and a video segment or reading passage

  1. Explain to students that they will be creating a concrete or shape poem with information they learn from a piece of media.
  2. Play a video to students (or read from a passage). Tell them they will be asked to recall as much information as they can about the segment's content.
  3. After viewing or listening, instruct students to draw the outline of one image, or a series of images, that represent what the main concept was.
  4. Students fill in the outline of each shape with facts they learned from the video or reading passage.
  5. After finishing their work, have students share their images in small groups.
  6. Display student images in a classroom space to create a mini-mural of concrete poems about one topic or concept.
Sum it up

This strategy is an engaging way for students to demonstrate understanding, incorporate other curriculum areas, and learn about concrete poems.

More ideas

Have students create their shape or concrete poems using a digital tool such as Tagxedo.

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