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Discovery Education is committed to giving educators innovative ways to design and deliver exciting learning experiences for all pupils.

Built around the amazing, timely content we’re known for... Espresso is one secure place teachers can find the tools, resources and professional inspiration to engage pupils, and track their progress — every day.

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Ready-to-use activities

Just like the name suggests, ready-to-use activities mean you can spend more time teaching your pupils.

Build a custom Quiz

Our brand-new Quiz feature gives you intuitive ways to promote active learning every day and track student progress in real-time.

Design learning activities with Studio

Studio, our collaboration and presentation tool, serves as your creative outlet for those activities you’ve always wanted to try.

Assign and share with pupils

New interactive tools help you engage pupils with our content by using it in creative ways in your daily lessons.

What our partners say…


“Espresso’s digital content appeals to young children and is very engaging. They make connections quickly, because they enjoy the videos so much!”


“It is very easy to use. I like the variety of content, all linked to one subject and in one place. You can log in quickly and find what you’re looking for.”


“Espresso provides me with fantastic teaching ideas – particularly through the ‘SOS’ series which offers practical strategies for using digital media in class.”


“I use the Espresso videos to teach grammar. Sometimes the children struggle with new concepts but watching a video alongside my explanation helps to deepen their understanding. We pause to ask questions and the children complete the activities to show what they’ve learned.”


“As a school we’ve been very impressed with Discovery Education. The customer support has been phenomenal. We always get a very quick response and we’ve been made to feel that our feedback is really important, which is amazing.”

Access high-quality resources and
instructional supports to engage all pupils.

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Did you know, we offer an “all-in-one” bundle for primary schools? For one fixed annual price, you’ll have full access to Espresso, Coding,
Health & Relationships and STEM Connect. Pricing is based on your pupil capacity and starts at £550. Request a bundle quote ➜

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