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Immersive technologies can add layers of powerful impact to learning. Augmented, virtual and mixed reality have the power to astound and engage learners in ways that are unique.

They help educators present complex concepts and knowledge more easily and with a depth of understanding that other technologies cannot achieve as quickly. With all new and exciting technology, there is a temptation to let the technology take the fore, with pedagogy coming in second place.  At Discovery Education we believe in the application of technology with purpose, so learners will benefit from pedagogically sound outcomes that deliver knowledge, understanding along with a sense of wonder and the enjoyment of learning.

Immersive experiences are now available within Discovery Education Espresso 

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) overlays a visual layer onto the physical world we see around us. Using the camera found on most tablets and smartphones, AR can add 3D models, animations, videos or artwork to a physical page, image or object in front of you. Discovery Education apps are carefully designed to use AR in ways that help learners take on concepts or evolve their understanding of a subject or topic. Once we help you create that ‘wow moment’, we give you the ‘what next’ by providing the context through our world leading learning materials. For example, learners not only see the famous bust of Queen Nefertiti come to life, they hear her tell her story and provide context for the complex and overlooked history of women in ancient Egypt. 

What is Virtual Reality?

Virtual Reality (VR) is all about sensory immersion. VR can take the learner out of time and place and presents them with an unforgettable experience. At its simplest, photographs and video allow learners to experience being somewhere that would not normally be possible. At its best it absorbs learners and allows them to interact and move around time and location, walking in the footsteps of Apollo 11 or exploring a Viking longhouse. These experiences leave pupils feeling that they have seen and interacted with impossible scenarios, ready to learn and ready to communicate.

We have been able to move away from traditional ICT teaching.  Now we are able to use mobile technology to enhance teaching and learning in other areas of the curriculum.  Not only does the technology allow a different way of teaching and learning but has enabled us to improve pupil engagement in areas of the curriculum where traditionally it has been difficult to achieve.

Wilbraham Primary School, Manchester