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Six United Kingdom teachers selected for exclusive teaching and learning experience in USA, hosted by Discovery Education

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Many teachers and pupils discuss the idea of belonging to a global community; however, few get to participate in an international group. Six UK teachers will join a worldwide network of educators who will be learning best practices for digital integration 12 to 17 July: Matt Wright from Harbour Primary & Nursery School, Andre Boulton from Claires Court School, Rachel Clark from St. Georges VA Church Primary School, Heather Libby from Green Wrythe Primary School, Phil Nottingham from Springwell Park Primary School, and Katrina Boast from Victoria Community Primary School.

These six teachers were selected to receive an all-expenses paid trip to Washington, D.C. (USA) to participate in Discovery Education’s Summer Institute. The weeklong professional development event for educators boasts numerous hands-on learning experiences, covering the use of digital resources in the classroom with practical techniques that are ready to implement. Teachers will learn the latest technology programmes and strategies to inspire their students to become critical-thinking, digital citizens and to empower them to become a part of a global community themselves.

“At Discovery Education’s Summer Institute, I am looking forward to learning about and trying new technologies and software, which I hope will increase both student engagement and student attainment, as well as inspire them to learn,” says Matt, a Year 5 teacher. “Furthermore, I am most excited about speaking with and learning from other educators from across the globe. I hope to learn about other educator’s classrooms and teaching strategies to help my professional development and impact my future classroom practice and students.”

Similarly, Year 6 Booster Teacher, Katrina, says, “It’s a wonderful opportunity to be able to see how technology can be used in interesting and different ways in order to help children develop in the modern classroom. Additionally, it will be fascinating to see the similarities and differences in the work of international colleagues. It will be great to share our experiences and expertise.”

Deputy Head Teacher, Rachel, is just as thrilled, noting, “I am looking forward to learning about new technologies and methods which will enhance my teaching, to benefit children in my class, and also to give me ideas to share with other teachers from my school, thus enabling lots of children and teachers to benefit from the experience. Also, I am really excited about networking with educators from other countries to learn about their classrooms and their strategies. Making these links will allow me to have a global support system.”

ICT Coordinator, Heather further explains, “I am most looking forward to collaborating with colleagues from the UK and USA to learn about what strategies and technology lessons are most successful in this age of digital growth and inspiring online learning. I am delighted to share my own experience of using Discovery Education Espresso in the classroom, which motivates my students to learn more and share their knowledge with their classmates, friends, and family.”

Also, Computing Teacher Phil says, “I was amazed and overwhelmed to be selected for Discovery Education’s Summer Institute. I’m excited by the prospect of discussing pedagogy and technology with a wide variety of educators from across North America. Over the week, I am looking forward to learning new strategies and techniques to contribute to a global community of educators.”

Teacher of Design Technology and ICT, Andre, sums up: “It will be so interesting to spend time immersed in topics of interest with other professionals who are passionate about their teaching. I hope to gain insight into the collective experience and knowledge of educators from around the world and discover new methods of working and sharing experiences. Additionally, as this is my first trip to America, I shall enjoy being somewhere new and taking my first steps on another continent!”

Discovery Education encourages educators in attendance to network with one another, share techniques and lesson ideas, and build an international support system.

“Discovery Education’s Summer Institute is a fully immersive Professional Development experience, like no other. It’s a truly collaborative event that recognises teachers’ great work in the classroom and beyond. We’re delighted to support our UK teachers, to connect them with like-minded innovators and give them a platform to share best practices on a global stage,” explains Christine Major, Director of Discovery Education’s Professional Development.

To be considered for Discovery Education’s Summer Institute, the teachers shared their best practices and how they transformed teaching and learning in their school through a written summary and a two-minute video.

Follow all the UK attendees as they spend the week learning in Washington, D.C. via Twitter using #DENSI2015.

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