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New digital partnership to boost science and nutrition teaching in primary schools

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Alimentarium Foundation & Discovery Education Launch Exciting New ‘Eating, Moving and Growing’ Digital Classroom Resources

Thousands of primary school pupils are set to benefit from a new partnership between Switzerland’s Alimentarium Museum and Discovery Education Espresso, which will deliver exciting digital resources to classrooms and transform the teaching of science and nutrition in UK schools.

The 3-year initiative will see Alimentarium, the world’s first ever food museum, collaborate with Discovery Education Espresso to create fresh and engaging multi-media content which will unlock food science secrets and switch pupils on to nutrition.

The Alimentarium Foundation – a foundation of Nestlé since 1980 – is recognised as an international public learning centre for all issues relating to food and nutrition, and the new resources will allow schools to tap into this expertise. Developed in partnership with the Museum’s experts, the content will include dynamic interactive videos, activities and games, supporting the teaching of Science and PSHE at primary level.

The bold new resources will take pupils on a fascinating exploration of the human body, teaching them about the science of eating and nutrition in a fun and accessible way. Taking a journey through the digestive system, children will explore the amazing processes that keep us alive, and understand what makes our bodies tick. They’ll also investigate the important role of food in positive body image, and learn how ‘mindful eating’ and being alert to the senses can help us to eat well.

Announced at the start of UK Healthy Eating Week, the new partnership is already underway and film-makers and education experts are busy putting the finishing touches to the new resources. The first module – Eating, Moving and Growing – will be launched in Discovery Education Espresso’s digital learning service from September.

Ursula Zeller, director of the Alimentarium said:

“The Alimentarium believes that its partnership with Discovery Education is a perfect opportunity to broaden access to accurate knowledge on food and nutrition for primary school children. By enriching the Alimentarium Academy online educational platform with new resources for the younger population, the Alimentarium and Discovery Education are together making an important contribution to raising consciousness worldwide for more informed choices from an early age.”

Catherine Howard, Director of Educational Partnerships at Discovery Education said:

“Discovery Education is delighted to be joining forces with Alimentarium. We have a shared mission to raise awareness of the issues of food and nutrition, and our combined expertise will enable us to create digital classroom resources with a difference. Together we will help schools to deliver teaching with real impact, encouraging pupils to think about the science of nutrition in an exciting way and to make healthier choices for a lifetime.”

Discovery Education Espresso is one of the UK’s leading digital learning services, delivering dynamic curriculum matched content to 1.8 million pupils in over 6500 schools.

The new Eating, Moving and Growing Module will be available to schools with a Discovery Education Espresso subscription from September 2017. Schools interested in a free trial of the Discovery Education Espresso service can request one here.

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