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Discovery Education Launches DoodleLearning Summer Challenge

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Global edtech leader Discovery Education today launched a new digital learning challenge to motivate children during the school holidays and prevent summer learning loss.

The DoodleLearning Summer Challenge encourages children to practise maths and English for just a few minutes each day during July and August, using the award-winning DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish apps. Designed to be used little and often, the award-winning apps transform learning into a fun adventure, rewarding children’s progress and building their confidence.

To keep children learning beyond the classroom this summer, Discovery Education is giving families 2 weeks’ free access to DoodleMaths and DoodleEnglish between 1st July and 18th August 2024. Parents can sign up by visiting and entering the code SUMMER_2WEEKS.

Schools that don’t already subscribe to DoodleLearning can also take part by visiting

The DoodleLearning Summer Challenge gives children a fun personalised programme that fills gaps in their knowledge, getting them ready for back to school in September. This year’s challenge has an underwater theme, and every child who completes it by ‘Doodling’ for 14 days between 1st July and 31st August, will receive a special pin badge and certificate.

Michael Savitz, Discovery Education’s UK and International General Manager, said:

“We’re pleased to give parents free access to our award-winning Doodle apps as part of our popular Summer Challenge.  Covering the core areas of maths and English, our apps create a personalised learning experience for every child, helping to boost their confidence and ability while nurturing their curiosity.”

Filled with fun exercises, interactive games and unique rewards, Doodle ensures that learning is always fresh and engaging. Best of all, Doodle’s apps can be used on or offline and on tablets, phones, laptops and desktops, letting children learn anytime, anywhere.

The DoodleLearning Summer Challenge follows the 2024 Spring Challenge, which was entered by over 17,900 pupils from 600 UK primary schools – its most successful year yet!


Find out more about how DoodleLearning’s award winning apps can help you as a parent or teacher at

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