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I'm an administrator and I need help setting up accounts.

Role of the administrator (admin)

As the school’s designated administrator, it is your role to:

  1. activate your admin account

  2. set up your students

  3. set up your teachers

  4. add or delete any new or old teacher accounts in the Admin centre when there are changes.

You do not need to be technical and the set up can take no more than 10 minutes! It is a good idea to have a list of teacher emails ready before you start. Or you can send these to us and we will add them for you.


 1.    Activate your admin account

You activate your admin account by setting your password from the link in your activation email.

Now that you have activated your account, you log in to the service by following the instructions below:

a)      go to:

b)      click on the Login button and select your service

c)      enter your email address and password.

There is a link to the Admin centre at the top of the My services page when you log in.


 2.    Set up your students

Your students have a shared online account, and to get you started, we have set your password for you. You can view this information in the Admin centre:

The Administrator’s guide to managing online accounts

If you wish to change your password, simply type in your new password and click Save.

If you access our service online in-school, you or your technician can set up student Auto login shortcuts which remember the student login. Simply click on the link (found in the Admin centre or your activation email), follow the instructions and deploy the shortcuts across the network. If you have a server in school, shortcuts should already be set up.

NB. As the student Auto login shortcuts use the student account / credentials, if you change your password, these will no longer work and you will need to create new student Auto login shortcuts.

From home, students will need to know how to login so please pass this information on. If you wish to communicate this to parents, there is a template letter you can send and FAQs which you can find here: Pupil Home Access parent resources.

3.    Set up your teachers

From the Admin centre, you can set up your teachers' accounts either in bulk by copying and pasting all email addresses at once, or individually by adding their school email addresses one by one.

To add in your individual teacher(s) account(s) click:    

Admin Add Teacher button

Enter your teacher emails in list format ensuring there are no spaces at the beginning or end of the email address. Click next and, if there are no issues, press confirm. Please note the system does not accept non-school email addresses (e.g. or or duplicate email addresses. If you have any queries about setting up teacher accounts, please email us at:

Once you have set up a teacher account, an activation email is automatically sent to that teacher’s email address with a link to set their password and set up an Auto login shortcut which remembers their login.

Why can’t teachers share the student login?

There are several benefits for teachers of using their individual online accounts:

  1. Teachers have more rights than students.
  2. Teachers receive useful teaching ideas.
  3. Espresso features are coming that are linked to individual teacher logins.
  4. Teachers can set up an Auto login shortcut from any device (i.e. for use in-school and from home) so they don’t need to remember their login.

Please note that for security reasons, you are not able to set up an Auto login shortcut for the Admin account. If you would like to use this feature, either add yourself as a teacher with another email address or contact us to discuss an alternate option.

How do you know if the teacher has activated their account?

If a teacher’s email address appears in red within the Admin centre, it means they haven’t set their password. Teacher accounts that have not been activated after a year will be deleted from the system.


4.    Tips for managing your accounts

a)      If a teacher leaves the school,  please remember to delete their account from the Admin centre so that you have spare accounts available for new teachers joining the school.

b)      If a teacher’s email address changes, please update it in the Admin centre by deleting the old account and adding a new account for this teacher. If you have lots of teacher accounts to change and are short of time, we are happy to do this for you. Just email the changes to

Changing the administrator username

Log in with your current login details and go to the Admin centre. Under School admin click in the Username box, delete the old email address, and type in the new email address required for this account. Click Save to make the change. The new administrator will be sent an activation email.

Forgotten your administrator password?

If you forget your password at any time you can request a new password via the login page.

Need help?

Please contact us if you have any questions regarding access to any of our services.

Free phone: 0800 6 527 527 (option 1)


Support Hours: Monday – Friday, 8.30 am – 5.30 pm